Self-Criticism: How to Manage Your Inner Critic

Why do you keep bashing yourself? You critic your body, your performance at the things you do to develop your life, the clothes you wear, everything – until it becomes an obsession. How does criticizing help you; unless you are doing so intentionally? We all aspire to be the best we can be. And analysingContinue reading “Self-Criticism: How to Manage Your Inner Critic”

Top 10 Rules For Self-Love

What is self-love? How do you define self-love? Self-love is exactly what it sounds like – loving yourself. Loving every facet of your being, by recognizing and accepting who you are, all your weaknesses, mistakes, failures, flaws, everything and every part of you that you would have considered awful, ugly, silly, hideous or dreadful inContinue reading “Top 10 Rules For Self-Love”

Let Go So You Can Grow

What does it mean to let go? It is detaching yourself from things that are unpleasant and harmful to your emotions and thoughts and generally your well-being. It is when you release yourself gradually or suddenly from a situation or relations. Letting go can also mean, letting go of our mistakes, our failures and ourContinue reading “Let Go So You Can Grow”